About Farah Minerals

Farah Minerals LLC Co. FZC - Sohar was founded in early 2019 to fulfil the vision of the owning company Leopard GmbH which was to enter the aggregates and minerals industry with a professional company committed to the highest standards of environmental, quality, safety and professionalism, and providing customers with the best options of high quality products in a demanding market.

A market that is evolving from lowest cost to best sustainable quality, thereby providing an option to maximize customers’ investments through longer building lifecycles and reduced maintenance.

Today, Farah Minerals is one of the most promising business houses in the Sultanate of Oman and the owning company, Leopard GmbH, has been recognized as a group that holds quality, care for its employees and professionalism close to its heart and does not enter any business venture where it does not see a possibility of being best in class.





Our Customer Satisfaction Strategy

Farah Minerals strive to identity our current and future clients' needs, to meet their requirements and to exceed their expectations. Our management ensure that the focus on improving customer satisfaction is maintained by setting and reviewing objectives related to customer satisfaction at management review meetings.

We also ensure that customer requirements are understood and met. Customer needs are understood, converted into internal requirements and communicated to appropriate personnel within the company.


Customer complaints and other customer feedback is continually monitored and measured to identify opportunities for improvement. We continually look for other ways to interact directly with individual customers to ensure a proper focus to their unique needs and expectations is established and maintained.

Our main quarry contains huge natural reserve of 25 million ton of high purity carbon calcium producing top quality Lime Stone aggregates