Farah Minerals Equipment

For Lime Stone aggregate production within Suhum Quarry we currently have state of the art Terrex American Crushing Line computerized/automated fixed and mobile crushing plants consisting of three stages crushing – primary, secondary and tertiary. These three stages, combined with the final fourth stage of powder making with Hammer Mill, enables Farah Minerals to operate with high environmental standards whilst producing 3000 tons per day of 0-3mm, 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10mm, 20mm, 40mm, 80mm lime stone aggregate high purity CaCO3 min (97%) with CaO min (53%) and low in silica that easily meets and exceeds both British and American quality standards thus achieving both our customers’ requirements and the core values of Farah Minerals.

An example of our commitment to those values, following requests from our customers, is a significant additional investment in powder variable micron sizes production plant at Suhum quarry allowing the manufacture of high purity CaO powder to the exact specification requirement of our customers.

All investments made by Farah Minerals are purchased new in order to ensure a consistent performance from the operation, delivering on our values at all times. The overall investment in crushing capability in Suhum quarry is in excess of 2 million euros, an investment made in delivering our vision and values to our customers and stakeholders.

Equipment New Release

400 tones per hour Static Terrex Primary Crushing Plant consisting of:

  • Dump hoper 4 x 8 meter.
  • Grizzly feeder 2.5 x 4 meter.
  • Scalping screen for clay and weathered material extraction 2 x 6 meter.
  • Terrex C110 primary jaw crusher c/w hydraulic hammer fed via dump hopper and grizzly feeder.
  • Terrex CVB primary screen producing any one of three ABC sizes (37.5mm, 45mm and 50mm) and a filter material of size 50-350mm.
  • The above plant has 3 bag filter dust extraction units attached to minimize dust emissions.

300 tones per hour Static Terrex Aggregate Crushing Plant consisting of:

  • Terrex impactor 300 TPH secondary 1315 crusher.
  • Terrex 40 M3 storage pin.
  • Terrex screen divider two deck.
  • Terrex impactor 1316 aggregate tertiary stage 270 TPH.
  • Terrex LJ-TSV8203d 450 TPH horizontal screen which produces 10mm, 14mm, 20mm,
    25mm sizes with facility to produce any two crushed sand sizes e.g. 0-3mm and 0-5mm,
    all to ASTM or BS specifications.

Current Production Line

  • Terrex AX 400 TPH jaw mobile crusher feed size 800mm rock angular detached with dump hoper and built in grizzly feeder.
  • Secondary impact mobile crusher LT 500 feed size 400mm production capacity 350 TPH.
  • Power screen mobile chifftin brand 600 TPH 3 deck type producing single size of aggregates 3-20mm, 20–40mm, and 40–80 mm.

Ancillary Equipment

  • 6 wheeler on/off road quarry water truck.
  • 4 wheeler on/off road fuel/lube truck.
  • 50 ton mobile crane.
  • Fork lift truck.
  • Large fully equipped modern workshop.

Mobile Vehicular Plant

  • CAT D8 bulldozer.
  • 3 excavators (Volvo 360, 2 x CAT320).
  • 3 MAN (20-ton capacity) rigid quarry dump trucks.
  • 2 CAT 960 wheeled loading shovels.

Our main quarry contains huge natural reserve of 25 million ton of high purity carbon calcium producing top quality Lime Stone aggregates