Farah Minerals Products

Our production is well firmed and fully associated with our valuable customer and current market local demand as well export client which is categorized to so many field of industries as bellow:

Cement Factories (Grinding Units)

Chemical Industries

Ball Mill Divisions

Quick and Hydrated Lime Industries

Steel Industry

Ceramics Tile Industries

Artificial Stone Industries


Connecting to the field industries Farah Minerals involving supply with well reputed customer at the local market realizing the needs for diversification of production and optimizing the operation to the maximum based on industry requirements.

Quality maintained to satisfy our valuable clients, which Farah Minerals never bargain or tolerate the purity of its own product considering our trade name is deep related and merged into one scale.

Quality of Farah Minerals Lime Stone purity is maintained and tested in periodic method to prevent from deviation specially as bellow parameters:

  • SiO2 less than 0.7%

  • CaO more than 53%

  • CaCO3 more than 97%

  • MgO less than 1%

Other chemical parameter can be viewed on our test reports available upon request.

Noting that Farah minerals has conducted the best model for mines extraction to reserve the volume for the market demand through blasting methods conducting monthly activity from our natural source with the best design pattern facilitating ease of crushing.

Our main quarry contains huge natural reserve of 25 million ton of high purity carbon calcium producing top quality Lime Stone aggregates