Farah Minerals Vision

At Farah Minerals, we want to establish ourselves with top quality management and personnel using the best and latest equipment and technology in the mining industry, will serve to underpin and support the values of both the owning company and Farah Minerals. With this vision and values, Farah Minerals has already opened the first operations quarry leased for 15 years with huge natural reserve of 25 million ton of high purity carbon calcium in Oman to supply the markets with quality of Lime Stone aggregate properties whilst the company has licenses to open and operate within another location in the Sultanate.

With the solid professional and financial backing of the owning company, no job is to big for us and it is our intention to enter the asphalt and concrete markets to complement our solid quality mineral reserves. It is the intention of Farah Minerals LLC Co to apply for the following International certificates ISO 14001, ISO 9001:2000 and OHASS 18001 once operations are firmly established.

Our core values are


We will be entirely honest and open in all business dealings


We will deliver our clients' requirements on time, every time


We will adapt to our clients' needs and exceed it when required


We understand our clients' concerns, businesses, and needs

Our main quarry contains huge natural reserve of 25 million ton of high purity carbon calcium producing top quality Lime Stone aggregates